Anguilla House of Assembly

Anguilla House of Assembly - photo by Anguilla News

Key Facts

Head of State: HM King Charles III

Head of Government: Premier Hon. Ellis Webster MHA

Capital City (location of Parliament): The Valley

Unicameral/Bicameral: Unicameral - House of Assembly (11)

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CPA UK & Anguilla

CPA UK and the Anguilla House of Assembly have successfully partnered to strengthen democracy and good governance in the UK Overseas Territory since 2015. Anguilla regularly engages in bilateral and multilateral activities delivered as part of the CPA UK-led UK Overseas Territories Project (UKOTP)  which focuses on good governance and oversight of public finances. In addition to Members and officials of the House of Assembly, lay Members, auditors and electoral officials have participated in a range of activities organised by CPA UK and CPA BIMR (The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association British Islands and Mediterranean Region). 

Most recently, CPA UK delivered a two-day virtual Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Workshop in Anguilla, from 16 -17 November 2020, to equip the PAC in Anguilla with the knowledge and skills that will be necessary for its members to carry out their responsibilities effectively, as the new PAC intended to sit for the first time in January 2021. 

While the Workshop aimed to equip all members of the PAC with skills and knowledge that will make them effective in their roles, it also sought to build on previous engagement with Anguilla in July 2020; when CPA UK collaborated with CPA HQ to deliver a virtual Post-Election Seminar, and led on sessions including: The Role of Select Committees; The Role of the Public Accounts Committee; and, Writing Reports and Achieving Impact.

CPA BIMR was also delighted to be invited to observe the Anguilla General Elections in July 2020, delivering a virtual Election Expert Mission to assess the Election against international standards, commitments and obligations as well as domestic laws. 

CPA UK values the strong relationship with the House of Assembly and looks forward to collaborating further via UKOTP and through other avenues. 

Recent Programmes

Trade Workshop for Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies, and Devolved Legislatures, Westminster, 7-9 February 2023

CPA UK organised a three-day workshop, aiming to enhance effective scrutiny and oversight of international trade agreements, focusing on the following themes: knowledge building on trade; the role of parliamentarians in trade; and scrutiny in practice.

To read the Trade Workshop Final Report, click here.

Caribbean Clerks Programme, Parliament of Barbados, Bridgetown, 26-27 January 2023

CPA UK delivered the third Caribbean Clerks Programme, in partnership with the Parliament of Barbados and ParlAmericas. The sessions ran across two days and was hosted in the Senate Chamber of the Parliament of Barbados. The approach of the programme was one of peer-to-peer learning, with attendees sharing their knowledge and expertise. The sessions covered a number of topics including: the role of a clerk; working effectively with members; and operating with resource constraints.

The full report from the Caribbean Clerks Conference can be read here.

Public Accounts Committee Workshop, Westminster, 5-7 December 2022

The three-day Workshop was designed to allow delegates to collaborate with colleagues across different regions, discussing responses to shared challenges faced by Pubic Accounts Committees. It provided an opportunity for clerks and officials to share experiences, examine existing practices and find new approaches to the financial scrutiny work of PACs.

Fifth Overseas Territories Forum on Oversight of Public Finances and Good Governance, Westminster, 29 November - 1 December 2022

Parliamentarians, clerks, electoral officials, and external and internal auditors from across the UK Overseas Territories travelled to Westminster to attend the fifth Overseas Territories Forum. The Forum was delivered by CPA UK, in collaboration with the National Audit Office, and the Government Internal Audit Agency. Over the three days, the Forum offered the opportunity for delegates to discuss and share knowledge through panel discussions, presentations, workshops, and meetings.

To read the Fifth Overseas Territories Forum Report, click here.

Clerk Secondment to the House of Assembly, Anguilla, June 2022

CPA UK facilitated the participation of the Deputy Clerk of Tynwald and Clerk to the Legislative Council, and a Research and Project Officer from the Jersey States of Assembly to participate in a Clerk Secondment with Anguilla's House of Assembly.

Fourth Overseas Territories Forum on Oversight of Public Finances & Good Governance, Virtual, 30 November - 2 December 2021

Key actors from the UK and the Overseas Territories met virtually from 30 November to 2 December for the Oversight of Public Finance and Good Governance Forum 2021. This was the fourth programme of its kind, designed to bring together key stakeholders from across the Overseas Territories, including Speakers, Members, and Clerks from Legislatures, as well as Internal and External Auditors and Electoral Officials, to explore issues relating to good governance and oversight of public finances.

PAC Inquiry Workshop, Virtual, 11-22 October 2021

CPA UK hosted two, five-day virtual training workshops for Commonwealth Public Accounts Committees, giving delegates an opportunity to explore each stage of an inquiry process from evidence gathering and effective questioning techniques to reports, recommendations, and media engagement.

Clerk Leadership Group, Virtual, April 2021 to present

The Clerk Leadership Group was launched in April 2021 and is a network designed to provide a forum for clerks from across the Overseas Territories to share their knowledge, expertise, and best practices on parliamentary clerk services with one another. The Clerk Leadership Groups meets at least once a quarter.



Featured Past Programmes

Anguilla Public Accounts Committee workshop, Virtual, 16-17 November 2020

CPA UK delivered a two-day virtual Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Workshop in Anguilla, from 16 -17 November 2020. The Workshop's main objective was to strengthen the capacity of the Island's PAC. It explored four themes: Preparing for an Evidence Session and Managing an Inquiry; How to operate effectively as a PAC in a virtual world; Producing a fair and balanced report; and, Measuring success as a PAC.

Anguilla Post-Election Seminar, Virtual, 20-24 July 2020

CPA UK collaborated with CPA HQ on their virtual Post-Election Seminar, leading on sessions on: The Role of Select Committees; The Role of the Public Accounts Committee; and, Writing Reports and Achieving Impact.

Election Expert Mission to Anguilla General Election, Virtual, 22-29 June 2020

Clerk Secondment to the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Assembly, Anguilla, October - December 2019

Dr Anna Dickson, Head of International Affairs and Defence Section in the House of Commons Research and Information Team, undertook a secondment to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of the Anguilla House of Assembly.

Clerk Attachment to the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Assembly, Anguilla, 24 July - 4 August 2017 and 12-20 February 2018

CPA UK facilitated a Clerk attachment to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Anguilla's House of Assembly as part of Anguilla's programme of activities delivered by the UK Overseas Territories (UKOT) Project. It followed a previous attachment in July 2017 and supported the PAC in its preparation of a major inquiry into the government's fiscal standing.  

Clerk Attachment to the Public Accounts Committee of the House of Assembly, Anguilla, 19-22 September 2016

The first Clerk attachment to Anguilla's PAC delivered by the UKOT Project supported the PAC in finalising the scope, terms of reference, and work implementation plan for an upcoming inquiry.