UK Overseas Territories Project

The UK Overseas Territories Project, now entering its second phase, is an ongoing programme of support for public financial management and governance targeted towards UK Overseas Territories (OTs).

Over the past four years, the UK branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA UK), in consortium with the UK National Audit Office (NAO) and the UK Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA), and funded by the HMG-wide Conflict, Security and Stability Fund (CSSF), has worked with partners in the UK and Overseas Territories (OTs) to deliver a series of activities to provide technical assistance, training and mentoring to support and encourage effective public financial management and promote good governance.

Online Portal: The UK Overseas Territories Project online portal is a platform for Members of Public Accounts Committees and Internal and External Auditors from the UK Overseas Territories to share good practice and exchange ideas with regards to public financial management. Latest news about project activities and programmes are also available on the portal.

Phase I:

The initial four-year phase of the UK Overseas Territories Project concluded in March 2020. 

The Project has focused on three areas: internal audit; external audit; and parliamentary oversight of public finances (see graphic below). Through a series of parliamentary workshops, clerk attachments, training and mentoring forums, and capacity building activities, the project has brought together parliamentarians and audit officials from the project across the Territories and the UK to share knowledge and good practice. The project has worked in partnership with the Overseas Territories to identify key priority areas and to create territory-specific, demand-led programmes and activities.

Over the past four years, the Project has developed a robust and supportive community of stakeholders in the field of public financial oversight; from parliamentarians, clerks and officials, to internal and external auditors. Participants in project activities have had unique opportunities to meet their counterparts across the Overseas Territories and the UK and to reflect on mutual experiences, share ideas and explore innovative ways to overcome common challenges.

Phase II:

We are thrilled to be entering Phase II of the project which will continue to be led by CPA UK in partnership with UK National Audit Office (UK NAO) and the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA). Based on the findings and lessons learned over the last four years, Phase II seeks to provide a broader remit of governance support and is aimed at improving the capacity of parliamentarians, parliamentary and electoral officials and public auditors in the UK Overseas Territories to conduct their legislative, oversight and electoral responsibilities.

The project will support a more holistic and integrated approach to promote good governance in the UKOTs by working in four spheres (elections, assemblies, and internal and external audit offices) across the electoral cycle (pre-election, election and post-election). As the project enters the next phase, stakeholders will continue to access and exchange technical knowledge and expertise in internal and external audit, parliamentary oversight of public funds and electoral support. The project remains committed to strengthening the role of parliamentary scrutiny across the Territories and building the capacity and effectiveness of important financial oversight institutions.

Recent activities

Public Accounts Committee Training: Turks and Caicos Islands, 05 - 07 July 2021

CPA UK were invited by the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) to deliver a three-day virtual training for parliamentarians of the newly formed Public accounts Committee (PAC). Read more here.

Virtual Training for Parliamentarians from the British Virgin Islands, 14 - 28 June 2021

CPA UK was delighted to be asked to deliver a series of virtual training sessions for parliamentarians from the British Virgin Islands House of Assembly. The training ensured that elected representatives in BVI were well-equipped to effectively carry out their parliamentary duties, more than two years since they were first elected. Read more here

Virtual Assessment Of Cayman Islands General Election, 06 - 20 April 2021

At the invitation of the Governor of the Cayman Islands Martyn Roper OBE, an independent team of international experts conducted a virtual Election Expert Mission to the Cayman Islands General Election. Read more here

Election Expert Mission to the Turks and Caicos Islands, 10 - 23 Feb 2021

At the invitation of the Governor of the Turks and Caicos Islands, an independent team of international experts conducted a virtual Election Expert Mission to the TCI General Election from 10 - 23 February 2021. Read more here

Previous Activities

St Helena PAC Financial Scrutiny Training Workshop, 16 Nov - 07 Dec 2020

Over three session, CPA UK delivered a series of online workshops on financial scrutiny for St Helena’s Public Accounts Committee. Forming part of Phase Two of the UK Overseas Territories Project, these sessions aimed to bolster the relationship between St Helena Legislative Council, the UK Parliament and CPA UK. Read more here

Anguilla PAC Workshop, 16 - 17 Nov 2020

CPA UK delivered a two-day virtual Public Accounts Committee (PAC) Workshop in Anguilla, as recent elections on the Island continue to provide opportunities for Phase Two of the UK Overseas Territories Project (UKOTP II) to cement the collaboration between CPA UK and Anguilla House of Assembly. Read more, and download the final report, here

Post-Election Seminar: Anguilla, 20-24 July 2020

CPA UK collaborated with CPA HQ to deliver a ground-breaking virtual Post-Election Seminar from 20 -24 July. CPA UK delivered sessions on the final day of the Seminar, building on the progress achieved through the  UK Overseas Territories Project in Anguilla, which has established strong relationships with the Public Accounts Committee, Internal Audit and House of Assembly. Read more here

Election Observation Mission to Anguilla Elections 2020, June 2020

At the invitation of the Governor of Anguilla, an independent team of international experts conducted a virtual Election Expert Mission to the Anguilla General Election in June 2020. The Mission assessed the Anguilla elections against international standards, commitments and obligations as well as domestic laws. Read more here

Secondment from Cayman Islands and Virgin Islands (UK) Audit Offices to UK National Audit Office, Newcastle, UK, January - February 2020

Allison Gumbs of the Office of the Auditor General, British Virgin Islands, and Ruel Huet from the Office of the Auditor General, Cayman Islands, undertook secondments at the NAO in Newcastle. Read more about Alison Gumb's experiences on secondment here

Secondment from Wales Audit Office to Audit St Helena, St Helena, 30 August - 26 October 2019

Steven Frank, who is Performance Specialist at Wales Audit Office, will undertake a secondment with Audit St Helena from August to October 2019.

Clerk attachment to Anguilla Public Accounts Committee, Anguilla, 30 September - 20 December 2019

In September 2019 CPA UK will send an experienced clerk from the UK to partner with the PAC Chair and Clerk to the Anguilla House of Assembly, to assist in developing its upcoming work plan, inquiry and committee management processes.

Falkland Islands PAC Workshop, Stanley, Falkland Islands, 11-13 June 2019

As part of the UK Overseas Territories Project,  CPA UK, in partnership with the Falkland Islands Legislative Assembly, delivered a workshop for Members and clerks from the Falkland Islands PAC. Read more here.

UKOTP Oversight of Public Finances Forum 2019, Miami, USA, 5-7 March 2019

The 2nd Forum of the UK Overseas Territories Project led by CPA UK in partnership with the UK National Audit Office (NAO) and the Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) brought together key stakeholders from PACs, Internal and External Audit offices from across the UK Overseas Territories. Read more here.