Women in Parliament

A key focus of CPA UK’s work is achieving representative democracies by helping women promote themselves in parliaments across the Commonwealth, and developing the skills they need to succeed in their work. CPA UK continues to develop programmes and projects to strengthen the capacity of women parliamentarians across the Commonwealth.

Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians

CWP is the network of women Members of CPA Parliaments, and aims to:

  • Build the capacity of women elected to parliament to be more effective in their roles;
  • Improve the awareness and ability of parliamentarians, male and female, to include a gender perspective in all aspects of their role - legislation, oversight and representation;
  • Help parliaments to become gender-sensitive institutions

CWP is governed by a Steering Committee made up of representatives from each CPA region. The International Steering Committee is chaired by Hon. Dato' Noraini Ahmad MP, Member of Parliament of Malaysia.

CWP works on a regional basis, with each of the nine regions of the CPA coordinating programmes, conferences and meetings among its legislatures. CPA UK coordinates the British Islands and Mediterranean Region (BIMR).

Previous Programmes:

Westminster Workshop on Gender Sensitive Scrutiny - 17 June 2019 - 19 June 2019

CPA UK hosted the Westminster Workshop on Gender Sensitive Scrutiny from Monday 17 June – Wednesday 19 June 2019 at the Houses of Parliament in London.

40 Parliamentarians from 25 legislatures across the Commonwealth met to discuss how budgets, policies and legislation impact both men and women. At the end of the Workshop, attendees had developed their ability to be leaders in this area in their own Parliaments.

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