Women's Roadshow: Communication tools to deal with online abuse

12 July 2021 - 20 July 2021

Venue: Virtual

In June 2021 CPA UK, in collaboration with Glitch UK, hosted 3 regional workshops focussed on building women parliamentarians resilience against online abuse and strengthening their communication skills.

Delivered over Zoom, each 3 hour workshop was split into two halves. The first session looked at the issue of online abuse experienced by women MP’s, strategies for building resilience against abuse and developing digital self-defence skills for MPs and their staff. The second half of the workshop looked at communications, with a focus on supporting participants in furthering their assertiveness when giving speeches in parliaments, communicating with constituents and in committees.

Members from 20 Commonwealth legislatures came together to share their experiences of digital spaces, as women in politics. The discussions also looked at how representatives can best use social media, with members sharing their own techniques on managing common challenges.

Click here to access and download CPA UK's Guide to Addressing Online Abuse, published in July 2021. This Guide covers practical techniques to tackling online abuse and can serve as a practical resource for Members, when developing their digital strategies and managing online communications.