The Gambia: A Review of National Assembly’s Standing Orders

Published 15 October 2018

In August 2018, CPA UK commissioned a project to review the current Standing Orders of the National Assembly of the Gambia. The month-long exercise was undertaken by a team of two clerks from the Northern Ireland Assembly and a team of the Gambian National Assembly Members and clerks, which together formed the Working Group on the Review of the Standing Orders.

The Working Group convened on Monday 13 August 2018 in the National Assembly of The Gambia, met intensively over a period of four weeks, and concluded on Friday 7 September 2018.

At the end of its tenure, the Working Group drafted new Standing Orders and a report. The report and draft Standing Orders were presented to the SOSC for consideration, with a view to the SOSC adopting it and presenting it to the plenary as a first step in initiating its own inquiry into the Standing Orders. Alongside this report, the Working Group would produce a roadmap for the SOSC to use to guide the inquiry, and the development, clearance and ratification of new Standing Orders for the National Assembly. Finally, the Working Group would consider the administrative and service-delivery processes underpinning any proposed changes to the Standing Orders.

Project Background

In May 2018, in response to a request from Madam Speaker of the National Assembly, the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy jointly undertook an evaluation of the administration and procedures of the National Assembly of The Gambia. Throughout the evaluation it was clear that there was an opportunity for a review of the current Standing Orders (SOs). It was agreed that, alongside a team of dedicated National Assembly staff, CPA UK will send a team to assist the National Assembly in the management and production of an initial draft review of the Standing Orders in the form of a report to be presented to the Standing Orders Select Committee (SOSC), for debate by the plenary.

Working Group Members

Staff Seconded by CPA UK

Roisin Kelly, Clerk, Northern Ireland Assembly

Alex McGarel, Clerk, Northern Ireland Assembly

Members of The National Assembly, Standing Orders Committee

Hon. Sidia S. Jatta, Chairperson

Hon. Ya Kumba Jaiteh Vice Chairperson

Hon. Madi MK Ceesay, Member

Hon. Demba Sowe, Member

Hon. Bakary Camara, Member

Hon. Momodou Camara, Member

Hon. Mahtarr Jeng, Member

Hon. Ousman Touray, Member

Staff of The National Assembly Service

Kalipha MM Mbye, Head of Hansard and Table Office 

Isatou Kassama, Head of Research and Library

Landing Jobe, Head of Committees

Gibairu Janneh, Senior Assistant Clerk