Post Election Seminar in Sierra Leone Report Published

Published 08 April 2024

CPA UK's delegation from the UK Parliament travelled to Sierra Leone to meet with 70 delegates

Following the June 2023 General Elections in Sierra Leone, CPA UK was invited to deliver a Post-Election Seminar in the Parliament of Sierra Leone from 30 January to 1 February 2024. The programme was designed in partnership with the
Parliament of Sierra Leone and topics included cross-party cooperation, the work of committees, and engaging the public.

In addition to the seminar, the delegation visited development projects and organisations in Sierra Leone, giving the UK delegation a greater understanding of issues facing both parliamentarians and the public in Sierra Leone. 

This Post-Election Seminar represents the most recent programme of a long chain of activities that have been delivered in the past decade. These include delegation visits to both Westminster and Freetown, Legislative Scrutiny Workshops, and Committee Workshops.

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