CPA UK Delegation Visits South Africa Parliament

Published 06 September 2023

On 20-23 March 2023, CPA UK organised its first delegation visit to the Parliament of South Africa in over a decade. This visit reaffirmed the relationship between our two parliaments and strengthened the connections between Members. The timing was also significant, with both countries looking ahead to General Elections.

The programme consisted of two days of meetings with civil society and two days in the parliament. The civil society engagements, some of which the South African and British High Commissions facilitated, gave the UK members a better understanding of the issues facing South African Members and provided a focus for the parliamentary meetings.

CPA UK is grateful for the support of the South African Parliament in creating a programme that allowed UK members to engage with the Deputy Speaker and Secretary of the National Assembly, as well as senior figures in different political parties.

The Full Report is available here.