Gibraltar Parliament

Gibraltar Parliament

Key Facts

Head of State: HM Queen Elizabeth II

Head of Government: Hon. Fabian Picardo MP

Capital City (location of Parliament): Gibraltar

Unicameral/Bicameral: Unicameral - Gibraltar Parliament (17 elected Members)

Further Information:

CPA UK & Gibraltar

Gibraltar regularly engages in bilateral and multilateral activities delivered as part of the CPA UK-led UK Overseas Territories Project which focuses on good governance and public financial management. As part of this project, a visit of Members of the Gibraltar Parliament in January 2018 explored international good practice in parliamentary oversight of public finances, and also involved discussions on the UK's decision to exit the European Union. 

The Gibraltar Parliament and CPA UK work together through British Islands and Mediterranean Region of the CPA, particularly through the BIMR Chapter of Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians

Parliamentarians from Gibraltar often participate in CPA UK's multilateral events such as the Westminster Seminar on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure. 



Recent Programmes

Westminster Seminar, Virtual, 23-25 November 2020

CPA UK's flagship programme for newly-elected parliamentarians and clerks, providing a unique platform for participants to network and engage with counterparts; exploring approaches to parliamentary democracy, practice and procedure in the context of parliamentary systems from across the Commonwealth, drawing comparisons between different legislatures.

Secondment from Welsh Audit Office to Gibraltar Audit Office, Gibraltar, 1-28 February 2020

Featured Past Programmes

Visit of Members of the Gibraltar Parliament to the UK Parliament, London, 23-26 January 2018

The visit enable a delegation of five Members of the Gibraltar Parliament to build their understanding and the capacity of their role in oversight of public spending and public financial management.