Westminster Seminar Series

CPA UK's Westminster Seminar Series provides an opportunity for parliamentarians and clerks from across the Commonwealth to explore parliamentary democracy, practice, and procedure and to share experiences and challenges faced in their parliamentary work.

The Seminar is attended by over 70 delegates from every region in the Commonwealth. The focus of sessions range from the role of Members and Clerks, ethics and standards, engagement with the media, and diversity and inclusion. It is a highly participatory and interactive exchange where rigorous discussion takes place on parliamentary practice and the various ways Westminster-style parliaments work across the Commonwealth. 

Our most recent Westminster Seminar was a multi-day programme delivering sessions on the theme of Effective Parliaments. Over 60 delegates attended from 27 countries across the Commonwealth, Overseas Territories, and Crown Dependencies. Read the Westminster Seminar 2023 Final Report here.

Read more about the Westminster Seminar 2022, 2020, and 2019.

To hear from participants please watch the videos below.

Rt Hon Lord Boateng

Hon Akierra Missick from Turks & Caicos Islands

Hon Speaker Arthur Holder from Barbados

Hon Remember Mutale from Zambia