Parliament of Fiji

Parliament of Fiji

Key Facts

Head of State: President Jioji Konrote

Joined the Commonwealth: 1997 (1970)

Capital City (location of Parliament): Suva

Unicameral/Bicameral: Unicameral - Parliament (50)

Further Information:


CPA UK & Fiji

CPA UK has a strong relationship with the Parliament of Fiji, rooted in parliamentary strengthening and diplomacy. Following Fiji’s first democratic elections, in 2014, after military rule, CPA UK hosted Fiji’s first Speaker-led visit outside of the Pacific region. This all-encompassing visit introduced a high-level Fijian delegation to parliamentary practice and procedure in Westminster. This delegation also visited the UK’s devolved assemblies.

CPA UK strengthened the relationship and supported the oversight capabilities of the Parliament of Fiji through two further bilateral activities supported by the British High Commission Suva. The first activity saw CPA UK delivered a workshop in Fiji to enhance the capabilities of Fiji’s Standing Committees through practical sessions aimed at sharing experiences and good practice between UK and Fijian Members and clerks. This workshop brought together its learning in the form of an example committee hearing that scrutinised the Domestic Violence Decree in Fiji, providing eleven recommendations.

CPA UK subsequently facilitated a two week clerk attachment in the Scottish Parliament for two committee clerks from Fiji. The attachment exposed the clerks to the fast-paced nature of the Scottish Parliament and highlighted the importance of team work and preparation in the role of a clerk.

Fiji faces parliamentary elections in 2018 and CPA UK will look to engage following the elections.




Our Recent Programmes

Pacific Islands Parliamentary Workshop, Wellington, New Zealand, 12-14 April 2018

In partnership with the Parliament of New Zealand, CPA UK hosted the Pacific Islands Parliamentary Workshop in Wellington, New Zealand. The Workshop brought together Members and clerks from across the Pacific to enhance their understanding of parliamentary democracy and their effectiveness as Members. The Workshop also provided the opportunity for the Pacific Members and officials to share experiences, including on the area of disaster resilience.

Fijian Committee Clerk Attachment to the Scottish Parliament, Edinburgh, 26 February – 9 March 2018

In partnership with the British High Commission Suva and the Scottish Parliament, CPA UK facilitated a two-week clerk attachment for two committee clerks from the Parliament of Fiji to the Scottish Parliament. The in-depth, practical programme introduced the clerks to good practice in the Scottish Parliament and highlighted how clerks in Scotland manage the pace of their work, their relationship with Members and brief and report writing.

International Parliamentary Conference on National Security and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Project - Westminster and beyond, 2016-2017

As part of CPA UK's annual themed projects, the 2016-17 project was designed to increase parliamentarians’ knowledge of and build capacity on national security and cybersecurity through engaging interactive discussion sessions and networking opportunities with key stakeholders. The programme focused on a range of themes covering legislation, committee scrutiny, budgets, and engagement with civil society, international institutions and the private sector.

Pacific Islands Westminster Seminar, Brisbane, 9-11 March 2017

In partnership with the Queensland Parliament, CPA UK organised the Pacific Islands Westminster Seminar in Brisbane. Based on CPA UK’s flagship Westminster Seminar the Pacific Seminar invited parliamentarians and clerks from all CPA branches in the Pacific Region to exchange views and good practice on parliamentary practice and procedure. The Seminar focused on the role of MPs in their community, good practice for parliamentary oversight of the executive, and shared experiences of climate change mitigation.

Parliamentary Workshop on Standing CommitteeSuva, Fiji, 8-10 November 2016

CPA UK delivered a three-day workshop on oversight committees in the Parliament of Fiji. The Workshop, supported by the British High Commission Suva, provided an in-depth discussion on the sources of committee influence, the role of the Chair, and working cross-party in committee. A practical example committee hearing scrutinised Fiji’s Domestic Violence Decree (2009) and produced 11 recommendations.