Virgin Islands (UK) - Election Observation Mission

15 February 2019 - 27 February 2019


The Commonwealth Parliamentary Association British Islands and Mediterranean Region (CPA BIMR) will conduct an Election Observation Mission (EOM) to the British Virgin Islands 2019.

CPA BIMR were invited by the Governor with approval of the Premier and Leader of the Opposition to observe the BVI elections against international standards, commitments and obligations as well as domestic laws. The letter of invitation from HE Governor Augustus Jaspert is available to view here. 

The Mission will observe:

  • political campaigning
  • electoral administration
  • voter registration and accessibility
  • polling (including advance polling)
  • counting and tabulation
  • post-election complaints or appeals

A preliminary report will be published within two days following the election to outline the initial findings. A closing report will be published within two months after the election offering recommendations for potential electoral reform.

The Mission includes six members:

  • Hon. Pam Webster MNA, Anguilla - Head of Mission
  • Jaime Greene MSP, Scotland - Observer
  • Glenn Bedingfield MP, Malta - Observer
  • Merce Castells, Spain - Election Analyst/ Observer
  • Matthew Salik, United Kingdom - Election Analyst/ Observer
  • Felicity Herrmann, Germany - Election Coordinator/ Observer

The Mission will be present in the Virgin Islands (UK) between 15-27 February. For further information, please contact the Mission at

Alternatively contact CPA BIMR on or tweet at @CPA _UK & #BVIobserve