Post-Election Seminar in Montserrat: 17-20 February 2020

17 February 2020 - 20 February 2020

Venue: The Montserrat Cultural Centre, Little Bay, Montserrat

CPA UK held a Post-Election Seminar from 17-20 February 2020, in Montserrat, tailored to Members of the Legislative Assembly. This seminar built on from the previous British Islands and Mediterranean Region - Election Observation Mission (BIMR-EOM) that took place during the period of the last general elections held in Montserrat in November 2019. The seminar set out to build on the skills of newly elected and re-elected Members of the Legislative Assembly. It was designed to cover a broad range of topics, to include the role of parliamentarians, parliamentary practice and procedure and the role of the Public Accounts Committee.  

The full account of the Post-Election Seminar in Montserrat can be found in this Final Report.