UK Overseas Territories Project Annual Review | 2019-20

Published 16 July 2020


CPA UK, on behalf of the UK Overseas Territories Project (UKOTP), is delighted to publish its 2019/2020 Annual Review.

The Project, now entering its second phase, is a programme of support for public financial management and governance targeted towards UK Overseas Territories. The project is led by CPA UK in partnership with the UK Government Internal Audit Agency (GIAA) and the UK National Audit Office (NAO). Read more here.

Over the past year, UKOTP has continued to develop a robust and supportive community of stakeholders in the field of public financial oversight, from parliamentarians, clerks and officials, to internal and external auditors. Participants in project activities have had unique opportunities to meet their counterparts across the Overseas Territories and the UK, and to reflect on mutual experiences, share ideas and explore innovative ways to overcome common challenges. This review highlights the many programmes and activities carried out this year across the globe.


With the initial phase of the project now concluded, the project team are looking forward to the second phase with renewed momentum. Phase II will seek to provide a broader remit of governance support, aimed at improving the capacity of parliamentarians, electoral officials and public auditors. As we reflect on the immediate and long-term effects of the Covid-19 pandemic for the work of the partners and stakeholders across the OTs, we are heartened by the strength of this network and the commitment of those within it. This includes our staff, past and present, who we thank for their continued dedication to the project and for working hard to secure a much needed second phase to the project.