Interview with Humanitarian Photographer Lisa Kristine

Published 25 November 2019

The CPA UK Modern Slavery Project has partnered with humanitarian photographer Lisa Kristine whose work features in our e-Handbook for Commonwealth Parliamentarians on legislating against Modern Slavery, Human Trafficking & Forced Labour.

Lisa Kristine has been using photography for more than 30 years to expose human stories and to inspire change. 

Lisa regularly delivers keynote speeches and moderates panels around the world at conferences, museums, corporations, and university campuses. She has spoken on numerous TED stages, as well as the Vatican, Wisdom 2.0, Thomson Reuters Summits, and Trust Conferences. Her TEDx talk, Photos That Bear Witness to Modern Slavery, has been viewed nearly 3 million times.

In this interview she shares about first discovering and then raising awareness of slavery, as well as working with CPA UK to equip parliamentarians with the knowledge and insight to address this scourge.