Becoming a PAC Chair during COVID-19: An Interview with Deputy Inna Gardiner

Published 20 August 2021

The Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees (CAPAC), supports the work of Commonwealth Public Accounts Committees in promoting good governance and ensuring Transparency, Accountability and Honesty in Government.

CPA UK, the current CAPAC Secretariat, is delighted to share this interview with Deputy Inna Gardiner, Chair of the PAC in Jersey and Member of the CAPAC Executive Committee, on the challenges of becoming a Chair during the COVID-19 pandemic, the top priorities for the Jersey PAC, what has been learned from engaging with other Commonwealth PACs and what Deputy Gardiner would like to learn from other PACs moving forward.

"Each time a good idea is shared it becomes more powerful and easier for the next person to apply. I would really like to continue networking, learning and engaging with other PAC Chairs and Members of PACs"



Working with oversight committees such as Public Accounts Committees (PACs) is one of the key ways CPA UK supports financial scrutiny, ensuring members have the technical expertise and knowledge to hold governments to account on behalf of their citizens. Read more about CPA UK's Public Accounts Committee work here