Parliament of Guyana

Parliament of Guyana

Key Facts

Head of State: President David A. Granger 

Joined the Commonwealth: 1966

Capital City (location of Parliament): Georgetown

Unicameral/Bicameral: Unicameral - National Assembly (70) 

Further Information:


CPA UK & Guyana

The UK Parliament and National Assembly of Guyana maintain a collaborative relationship stemming from a seven month capacity building programme which took place from October-April 2016. The programme, jointly funded by CPA UK, the British High Commission Georgetown and the Canadian High Commission Georgetown, had the following aims:

  • Enhance the Assembly’s ability to conduct its business in an effective manner
  • Work with the Assembly’s parliamentary committees to enhance their oversight capacity
  • Work with the Parliamentary Leadership, to strengthen its administrative, financial and procedural independence.
  • Work with parliamentary officials to effectively support the functioning of the Assembly.
  • Address the challenges of maintaining a successful coalition government.
  • Support the interaction between UK, Guyanese and Caribbean Parliamentarians to discuss issues of regional interest; sustainability, energy and development

Guyanese parliamentarians and clerks regularly attend CPA UK's multilateral conferences such as the Westminster Seminar on Parliamentary Practice and Procedure, and thematic conferences such as the Caribbean Regional Workshop on Public Account Committees in January 2020.

CPA UK looks forward to engaging with the newly elected Parliament of Guyana following the general election in spring 2020. 




Our Recent Programmes

Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees: Caribbean Regional Workshop, Port of Spain, 21-23 January 2020

The CAPAC Caribbean Regional Workshop was attended by 31 Chairs, Members and Clerks from 11 Commonwealth Public Accounts Committees in the region, including Guyana. Delegates exchanged good practice for financial scrutiny and oversight and collaborated to find approaches to shared challenges. The workshop formed part of CPA UK's work in the Commonwealth Partnership for Democracy (CP4D)

Commonwealth Parliamentarians' Forum, Westminster, 26 February - 1 March 2018

CPA UK hosted the first Commonwealth Parliamentarians' Forum ahead of the UK hosting Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in April 2018. The Forum brought together national legislators from across the Commonwealth and set the scene for the CHOGM 2018 theme – ‘Towards a Common Future’. The Parliamentarians' Forum engaged parliamentarians in the summit agenda and created opportunities for in-depth cross-Commonwealth discussion. 

Election Assessment Mission (EAM) - UK General Election, June 2017

The EAM was composed of 32 parliamentarians and election officials from across the Commonwealth. The EAM observed the election day procedures and met with candidates, returning officers, electoral officials and staff, civil society groups and other relevant stakeholders across eight constituencies during the period 3-8 June 2017. A key objective of the EAM was to increase the knowledge, skills and importance of election observation methodology amongst Commonwealth parliamentarians.

International Parliamentary Conference on National Security and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Cybersecurity & Cybercrime Project, Westminster and beyond, 2016-17

As part of CPA UK's annual themed projects, the 2016-17 project was designed to increase parliamentarians’ knowledge of and build capacity on national security and cybersecurity through engaging interactive discussion sessions and networking opportunities with key stakeholders. The programme focused on a range of themes covering legislation, committee scrutiny, budgets, and engagement with civil society, international institutions and the private sector.

Parliamentary Forum on Anti-Corruption, Georgetown, 9-11 November 2016

CPA UK conducted a Forum on Anti-Corruption focusing on increasing the awareness of Guyanese parliamentarians of statutory responsibilities in public life and anti-corruption legislation. This follows a request from the Prime Minister of Guyana, Hon. Moses Nagamootoo for support in developing the knowledge and understanding of parliamentarians on the issue of corruption to improve current legislation, and in involving parliamentarians in the amendment of the Integrity Commission Act 1997 to include an updated Code of Conduct.