Westminster Seminar on Evolving Parliaments 2022

14 March 2022 - 18 March 2022

Venue: UK Parliament & Virtual

CPA UK will be hosting the Westminster Seminar, our flagship peer-to-peer learning programme for parliamentarians and clerks from across the Commonwealth.

This year we are celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Westminster Seminar, a series focussed on parliamentary procedure and practice that started in 1952. To encourage greater inclusivity, this will be the first Westminster Seminar in its long history to be in a hybrid format. We are delighted to once again be welcoming delegates back to Westminster but will also be making provisions for virtual participation.

The five-day programme will provide a unique platform for participants to engage and network with counterparts, and explore approaches to parliamentary democracy, practice and procedure. With a focus on Evolving Parliaments, this year’s Westminster Seminar will focus on current challenges and opportunities, including adaptions to procedure during the pandemic, environmental sustainability of parliaments and the role of technology in our democracies. The sessions will be led by speakers with a wealth of experience from across the Commonwealth.   

Participants will have an unrivalled opportunity to share their knowledge and experiences with others and to consider the challenges that they face in their own work. CPA UK hopes that this 70th programme will have a lasting impact on everyone who attends and we look forward to building stronger partnerships across the Commonwealth.

Please note that the deadline for nominations for physical places has now closed and we are now only welcoming interest for virtual attendance. For more information about this programme please contact Jacob Loose at loosej@parliament.uk.

Westminster Seminars through the years

Westminster Seminars through the years