Trade Workshop for Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies and Devolved Legislatures

07 February 2023 - 09 February 2023

Venue: CPA Room, Westminster

CPA UK is delighted to be hosting a three-day workshop focusing on trade and parliamentary scrutiny for parliamentarians from across the Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies and Devolved Legislatures.

The workshop will provide a unique platform for participants to strengthen their knowledge of the trade and economic landscape across the UK and wider Commonwealth; share expertise on the mechanisms for effective parliamentary scrutiny of international treaties and agreements; and explore the role of parliamentary influence in trade negotiations and policy. 

Drawing on the perspectives of contributors and participants, the workshop hopes to stimulate discussion and learning as well as provide a unique opportunity for participants to build a strong network of colleagues from the UK Parliament and legislatures of the Overseas Territories, Crown Dependencies and Devolved Legislatures.  

For information on how to participate or for any other enquiries please email Rahel Kibru at