Turks and Caicos Islands Public Accounts Committee Visit to Westminster

Published 27 June 2023

CPA UK hosted a delegation of the Public Accounts Committee of the Turks and Caicos Islands for a four-day visit.

CPA UK hosted members of the Public Accounts Committee of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) from 12 to 15 June in the UK Parliament. The TCI PAC delegation comprised of members, clerks and the Auditor General.  

The aim of the visit was to strengthen the relationship between the UK Parliament and that in the Turks and Caicos Islands through the sharing of key learnings based on experience with Public Accounts Committees. This peer-to-peer learning enhances the ability of the PAC members and officials to perform their core duties and allows them to develop a better understanding of the relationship between audit institutions and the PACs.  

The four-day visit from the TCI PAC consisted of different themes each day. On day one the delegations attended several sessions on an overarching theme ‘Role, Remit and Relationships of Public Accounts Committees’ and met with experienced colleagues from the UK PAC, sitting and former including its deputy chair, and clerks of several committees.  

On their second day the TCI delegates participated in a mock committee exercise to familiarise themselves with practical questioning techniques to perform their role in PAC hearings as an effective member in their own legislature. The delegates also attended a session on how to get a response on the committee recommendations from their government.  

On the third day of the visit, the delegates attended sessions to familiarise themselves with ‘understanding financial information’ and how public accounts can be scrutinised by the committee.  

During their final day of the visit delegates had the opportunity to witness the private pre-and post-session and the public hearing of the UK Public Accounts Committee.  

You can read our final report on the visit here.