Report assesses equality and inclusion in BIMR parliaments

Published 28 April 2022

The British Islands & Mediterranean Region of CPA (CPA BIMR) has today launched a report addressing equality of participation and representation within the region's parliaments. This timely report documents the current state of play regarding gender-sensitive practices in institutions across BIMR, particularly in light of responses to COVID-19, and recommends ‘best practice’ reforms for the short and medium-term. 

The report was written by Dr Jessica C. Smith, a lecturer in Politics at the University of Southampton. Dr Smith’s academic research centres on voter behaviour, political psychology and gender-based stereotyping, gender and the media, and political recruitment.

Dr Smith explores the topic by dividing it into three steps. The first maps out institutional governance of the legislatures in the region and, with regards to equality of participation, considers women’s representation in institutional leadership positions. The second reviews innovative changes legislatures in the BIM region have implemented in response to COVID-19, and the possible opportunities and constraints that continuing these reforms have for gender-sensitive reform. Finally, Dr Smith provides a snapshot of current gender-sensitive practices in institutions in the region and draws on the 2020 CPA Gender Sensitising Parliaments Checklist to make short- and medium-term recommendations about best practice going forward.

Download the report.