e-Handbook on Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

International Parliamentarians’ e-Handbook on Cybersecurity & Cybercrime

Welcome to the e-Handbook for parliamentarians on cybersecurity & cybercrime

Commonwealth Parliamentary Association UK (CPA UK), in partnership with the Commonwealth Secretariat and the Organization of American States with the support and input of international parliamentarians and experts, have developed this e-Handbook for parliamentarians on cybersecurity and cybercrime.

This e-Handbook combines good practice case studies, advice, ideas and innovation to assist international parliamentarians in legislating, scrutinising and advocating policies relating to cybersecurity and cybercrime.

This e-Handbook has been designed for parliamentarians. We have taken detailed complex concepts and issues and condensed them down into relevant bitsize factsand useful information for busy parliamentarians from different backgrounds and varying levels of cyber-maturity to utilise.

The e-Handbook is a one-stop-shop for countless expert resources for parliamentarians to access.

This is e-Handbook will be an essential tool to ensure parliamentarians can support the implementation, oversight, scrutiny and advocacy of cybersecurity.