What We Do

Building Stronger Parliaments and Advancing Democracy

CPA UK's core work is to build relationships with parliaments across the Commonwealth. This is achieved through a programme of parliamentary strengthening and diplomatic based activities. 

CPA UK undertakes work at the request of other parliaments around the Commonwealth, and our tailored programmes include individual country programmes, and large scale projects and activities that bring together Commonwealth parliamentarians and clerks.

Our flagship capacity building event is called the Westminster Seminar on Effective Parliaments and it is designed for first term parliamentarians and clerks. It is held every year in November over the course of a week, and focuses on peer-to-peer learning between participants.

Cross-cutting Themes

Across all our programme and project activities, CPA UK's approach is to be inclusive and to have a strong stakeholder focus including the promotion of the Commonwealth and the UK in our work.

  1. Empowering Women - As well as our specific programmes and work with Commonwealth Women Parliamentarians, CPA UK ensures that women are effectively represented across all our activities and have an opportunity to contribute to and participate in our work.
  2. Strengthening Diversity and inclusion - We are keen to ensure that those from minority groups are well represented in our programme activities, ranging from those with differing social backgrounds or those with disabilities, making adjustments where appropriate.
  3. Promoting the Commonwealth and its values - As a Commonwealth Organisation, we seek to ensure that our work supports that of the Commonwealth and promotes its Charter, principles and core value.
  4. Engaging with young people - Over 60% of the Commonwealth are under 30. It is therefore vital that young people are given opportunities to learn, engage and are invested in democracy and the work of parliaments. CPA UK works with young people and young political leaders from the UK and across the Commonwealth.
  5. Undertaking parliamentary diplomacy across the Commonwealth - As an organisation, governed, funded and based in the UK Parliament, CPA UK works to promote, through diplomacy and outreach, the work, history, contribution and role of the UK Parliament within the UK and across the Commonwealth in all the activities we undertake.
  6. Promoting the role and importance of Parliaments - CPA UK works to promote the important role parliamentarians and the institutions they represent are placed at the forefront of meeting national and international challenges as representatives, observers, legislators and advocates.