Election Observation Mission Training Programme

18 July 2019 - 19 July 2019

Venue: UK Parliament

Since 2010, CPA UK has organised Election Observation Missions to UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. For more information go to our Elections page.

In line with this works, CPA UK will be conducting a two-day training programme for parliamentarians on election observation missions. UK Parliamentarians will be joined by parliamentarians from across the British Isles on how to be a short-term election observer, what is the observer code of conduct, what are the human rights obligations observers should safeguard and what can such missions accomplish?

This is an ideal programme for those looking to be involved in OSCE, EU, CPA BIMR election observation and assessment missions in the future. 

Participants must be prepared to commit their time for two full working days to maximise the learning opportunity 

If you are interest in participating, please contact Matthew Salik on salikm@parliament.uk or complete the online form below.  Deadline for EoI is Wednesday 26 June 2019.