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Westminster Workshop Series

Westminster Workshop Series


From 4 – 6 December 2017 CPA UK will host its 7th Westminster Workshop. The Workshop will welcome Chairs, Members and Clerks of Commonwealth Public Accounts or equivalent Committees to London for a three day intensive training programme. Delegates will develop the skills to fulfil their roles effectively through tailored interactive sessions, on topics from cross-party working to engaging the media and public. Tax transparency is the key Workshop theme and CPA UK will partner with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) to explore how parliamentarians can promote of tax transparency and prevent tax avoidance. The Workshop will be followed by the Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees (CAPAC) 1st Annual Conference on 7 December 2017.

For more information, please contact the Project Team on, or visit the 2017 Westminster Workshop page.


From Monday 4 July – Thursday 7 July 2016 CPA UK hosted the 6th Westminster Workshop on Parliamentary Financial Oversight of Aid Effectiveness at the Houses of Parliament, London.

This three-and-a-half day programme identified the key stages for parliamentary interventions and strengthen the knowledge and skills of parliamentarians and parliamentary officials in conducting effective financial oversight of aid flows. Based on the successful Westminster Workshop concept, the 6th edition delivered a combination of plenary discussions and practical workshops, exploring the good practice in parliamentary financial scrutiny. It built upon the expertise of the Westminster Public Accounts Committee (PAC), International Development and other committees, as well as the support of the Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees (CAPAC).

A selection of photos can be viewed here, whilst video clips with some of the participants can be viewed here. You may also find the closing report from the Workshop here

For further information, please see the Workshop page.


In 2015 CPA UK, in partnership with CPA Malta, held the 5th Westminster Workshop: Effective, Independent and Transparent Public Accounts Committees for Robust Public Financial Oversight, which took place in Malta.

Building on previous workshops, the 5th Westminster Workshop continued to provide a forum for exploring the key current challenges faced by PACs across the Commonwealth, enabling the exchange of ideas and expertise on how PACs can increase their efficiency and effectiveness in scrutinising public expenditure; from budgeting and planning to tracking performance.

To browse press releases related to the Workshop please click here.

For further information, please see the Workshop page or download the project report.


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