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Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees

Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees

Please visit the CAPAC online platform for up-to-date information about CPAC, its current membership and its ongoing activities.

In June 2014, Chairs and Members of Public Accounts and equivalent Committees of Commonwealth parliaments attending CPA UK's 4th Westminster Workshop on Parliamentary Financial Scrutiny of Public Expenditure at Westminster constituted the Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees (CAPAC). 

CAPAC is designed to support the work of Commonwealth Public Accounts Committees in promoting good governance, implementing the declaration on these committees contained in the communiqué of the November 2013 Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting: 'Heads of Government further reaffirmed that strong and independent Parliamentary oversight plays an important role in preserving the trust of citizens in the integrity of government, through Public Accounts Committees that are effective, independent and transparent.'

During their meeting in January 2015, members of the CAPAC steering committee reaffirmed the association’s aim to ensure that all Commonwealth countries benefit from strong and independent public accounts or equivalent committees to sustain and promote the highest principles of public finance. 

At the 5th Westminster Workshop on Effective, Independent & Transparent PACs the member legislatures represented unanimously adopted a constitution for CAPAC, establishing its governing Executive Committee and scope of work.  

Under the guidance of its Executive Committee, CAPAC shall pursue its aims by:

  • making the case for the independence of Commonwealth PACs, and for implementation of all appropriate PAC recommendations, as key components of good governance
  • defining, publishing and promoting standards of  good practice, in line with Commonwealth principles, to assist CAPAC Member Committees in being effective, transparent and independent
  • providing training to support CAPAC Member Committees in improving their performance
  • acting as a clearing house of valuable information on matters pertaining to PACs; this will include information about current practices in various legislatures
  • carrying out peer reviews as a platform for both exchange of information and benchmarking
  • engaging in proactive and effective relationships with key stakeholders, including regional PAC organisations and the Conference of Commonwealth Auditor-Generals
  • strengthening the capacity of small states’ PACs

In all these activities, CAPAC will pay particular attention to the need to empower PAC members on issues of gender equality, especially gender budgeting and auditing.

In November 2015, the CAPAC initiative was endorsed by the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM), who, in the communiqué ‘noted the establishment of the Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees as a network for strengthening public financial management and accountability, these being vital in maintaining the trust of citizens and the integrity of governments and legislatures.


CPA UK has supported the establishment of the Association throughout its initial formation period and has run the CAPAC Coordinating Unit (CCU) until January 2016. Currently the CCU is kindly hosted by the Parliament of Malta. 

Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees 1st Annual Conference
On 7 December 2017, CPA UK will host the 1st Annual Conference of the Commonwealth Association of Public Accounts Committees (CAPAC) in Westminster. Further information on the Conference will be available shortly.

For any further information, please contact the CCU at capac‑

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